The Women’s Forum Rising Talents initiative, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2017, aims to distinguish highly talented young women who are on their way to becoming influential figures in our economies and societies. This initiative is a commitment to promote women leaders and bring the vision of rising generations to the Women’s Forum.


The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and its partners share a common belief: that the identification and nurturing of talent among women is critical for the future of global business and society. Each year some 20 young women join the Rising Talents network, attend the Women’s Forum Global Meeting and regional Women's Forum meetings, benefitting from enhanced networking activities during these events and in the future.



  • The Rising Talent candidate must be a woman 40 years old or younger as of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2017 date (5-6 October 2017).
  • She has shown remarkable skills, courage and leadership in her professional and personal life.
  • She has proven her ability to take risks and act as a catalyst in her organization and community, earning trust and recognition from her peers.
  • She has the potential to achieve great things in the future, proven by her standing in the public eye both professionally and personally.
  • She is active in fields such as: business, civil society, science, research, politics, art, media, sports, NGOs…, with a special emphasis on business profiles, in large companies or entrepreneurial start-ups.
  • She is a global citizen, coming from any of the continents and countries.
  • She speaks fluent English.
  • She is committed to attending the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris (5-6 October 2017) and to being actively involved in the Rising Talents community (throughout the year post-Global Meeting), through social media, local events, mentoring future Rising Talents, participating in an open discussion with the network…


 Rising Talents Key Facts & Figures: 
  • 192 members to date
  • Over 50 countries represented: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA
  • Spanning all business sectors (Support Services, Financials, Consumer goods, Basic Materials, Health Care, Energy, Transports, Legal, Luxury goods, Information & Communication), as well as non-profit, politics & institutions, academics, science & technology and art & culture sectors
  • Around 20 networking events have been and continue to be organized in major cities (Beijing, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Mexico, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai...)


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 Rising Talents Survey for the 10th Anniversary 


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